Hi all,

Paggy here! As you may have noticed our bottles have a 100% vegan logo, a question we get asked often is, ‘but wait, wine isn’t vegan?’ The answer is not all wine is vegan, so I thought I would share what about wine isn’t vegan, how our wine is vegan and why we decided to be a vegan wine.


What about wine isn’t vegan?

It is during the fining of the wine, the fining agents used are not all vegan friendly. When crushing grapes to make wine there is fragments of skin, sticks and leaves leftover, let’s call them ‘floaties’. To remove said floaties to make our rosé that perfect clear pink a fining agent is used. The fining agent has a positive charge and forms an ionic bond with the particles, gathering more and more until they combine and become so big they fall to the bottom of the tank. The wine is then ‘racked’, which means the liquid is syphoned away from the combined floaties.

Poppy The Frenchie vegan wine

How is the Poppy the Frenchie wine vegan?

Our wines are vegan because instead of using a fining agent that contains animal products such as albumen (egg wines), casein (milk), isinglass (fish) or gelatine (various animals), we use Vegecoll which is a product that consists of the protein from potatoes! This product is slightly more expensive but is kinder to all our furry friends. Whilst also being kinder on the wine, it removes the harsh astringency (dryness and puckering sensation) that occurs during grape skin contact, softening the tannins to make a nice, smooth flavour more than other fining agents.


Why we decided to be a vegan wine?

Being that Mum’s dog Poppy is on the label and she is our little brand ambassador for our wines, we thought that is was only fitting that our wines are made through a process where no animals have been harmed. Making this decision was easy as it not only increases the quality of the wine but also has a positive effect on the animal world.


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