Poppy, Paggy & their Wine
Poppy The Frechie at the vineyard

Poppy the Frenchie wines are named after the family dog, Poppy. She is a beloved French Bulldog, who is bubbly, full of energy and as all dogs, loves a good pat!

Poppy grew up on the boutique family vineyard, visiting with Paggy and her Mum. She loves to seek shade in the vines, chase birds and during vintage receive many pats from the hand pickers, while she supervises the picking of the grapes.

Poppy The Frenchie and Paggy

Paggy is the winemaker of these small batch wines and also the daughter of the vineyard owner, Julie. Paggy and Julie love dry style French Rosé, so much so that Paggy requested to use the Grenache grapes on the vineyard to make a Rosé. Julie said she could however, their beloved Poppy had to be on the label, and so begun Poppy the Frenchie wines. Now with a Rosé and a Grenache.

Poppy with grape bucket
Their Wine

The wines are all handpicked, with the vines also being hand pruned. Each barrel for the Grenache is chosen carefully with thought and consideration to taste. While with the Rosé, Paggy stood watching the grapes during skin contact, for the perfect blush colouring she desired. The Poppy the Frenchie Wines are also 100% vegan !

It was Paggy’s first time making a Rosé in 2017 and the wine made the Hot 100 Wines of SA!